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Editor's Note

For the online safety of young people, we've taken a creative step towards educating and empowering teenagers and parents alike. Our collaboration with Ethnikids Publishers in South Africa, has resulted in the creation of the #EbaSafeOnline comic book, a valuable resource aimed at increasing awareness about potential online dangers.

The launch of this book, is a first of its kind in South Africa by Meta, it demonstrates Meta's concerted effort towards fostering a safer online environment for young individuals. The book not only impacts crucial tips for parents to engage with their teens but also emphasizes the importance of maintaining an open dialogue about online safety.

The accessibility of this comic book with an online edition in 11 of South Africa's official languages available on Meta's My Digital World website signifies a strategic move towards widespread dissemination of this invaluable resource. It's a reminder that each of us play a crucial role in maintaining the online safety of young people.

We trust that you will read it, share it, engage dynamically with your peers, parents and guardians. At Meta, we want you to continue to learn more about how to keep yourself safe on our platforms.

Enjoy reading!

Oluwasola Obagbemi
Corporate Communications Manager at Meta